HUMAN (no AI) with real Emotional Intelligence cares about you!

Experience, Values, Competences.


Would you like to:

  • Act more rapidly by ensuring tailormade and ongoing trainings for your employees?
  • Generate sustainable success for you and your company by leveraging potential-based Coaching?
  • Build the future proactively and benefit from creativity and in-depth experiences?
  • Optimize your resources and reinvest them in value-added activities??

My contribution:

  • My knowledge and experience in order to develop together sustainable strategies for your company.
  • As a Coach I'm available for your company and your employees.
  • I run projects until their final, real and practicable implementation in the field, including result review.
  • This in fluent German, Swiss German, English, French and Hungarian.

Coaching Support

As a certified Coach I am happy to accompany you during challenging and difficult situations, helping you to release your strenghts and capacities in order to develop your own solutions.

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Business Development

Relentless development of the defined strategies and continuous tailormade staff training covering newly expanded segments to ensure the result achievement and the company’s sustainable growth.

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Commercial Strategies

Development of the coordinated usage of commercial and marketing tools in order to achieve the company’s objectives. This by analyzing strengths and weaknesses mid and long term.

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Shopper Marketing

Translating shopper insights and know how into activities which better satisfy customers’ needs and increase their shopping experience. Optimal choice of visual stimuli and best product placement in store.

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