Scope of activities

Among many other knowledge areas I love to work along the lines of the following major axes of interest, from Strategy to Solution:

Commercial Strategies

The strategy is elaborated based on the company’s strengths and weaknesses as well on the underlying market environment and is oriented mid to long term, but has to be reviewed regularly.

Market analyses, the choice of the adequate channels based on their capacity and dynamics, the evolution of different product categories, the customer understanding, shopper and consumer insights, the profitability and pricing decisions, all these elements , among others, are elementary to define a coherent and winning commercial strategy.

Business Development

Further expand the company‘s playing fields or to tap into new ones as a recurrent need. This happens basically through innovations, competition analysis, and acquisition of new customer or optimization of sales to existing ones. Priority setting with customers, products and market segments is crucial. But most important are creativity, the willingness to strive for continuous improvement and to face ever new challenges.

Shopper Marketing

Interact more precisely and target our activities better to their needs, by deeper understanding our shopper’s behavior. This helps to convince that our products are the better choice. Observe and evaluate elements such as the path to purchase instore, the shopping mission the optimal choice of visual stimuli, best product placement in the store or on the shelves, the pricing and promotional support decisions, the shape, color and material of packaging and many more.

These insights and continuous learnings inspire me to embed your needs in an optimized category vision and its best possible execution to finally increase your commercial results.

Coaching and individual support

In daily life, being at work or in private, we are often exposed to particular circumstances which have harmful effects to our health.

You are looking for a job and need empowerment and a new strategy? Your values changed over the years and with them your priorities? You feel misunderstood, not being taken serious? You suffer from stress, are bullied and feel exhausted? You are about to burn out or get depressed?

 As a certified Coach I'm with you to reinforce your strenghts and gladly accompany you in developping your own solutions.